Every Peanut

What are peanuts, who are peanuts, and why are peanuts?

Let's start with the history.

The History of Peanuts.

The history dates back to around 500 AD.

The most important part of the history I need you to know, 

is. this.

Peanuts, they were full of protein at some point.

AND EVER SINCE, their protein just went more and more over the ROOF

Let's continue with the taste.

So how does it taste?

The taste of peanuts is a mixture of good and amazing. If you want to ever taste peanuts, grab yourself a plate, spoon and peanut.

Use the spoon to break the shell, and enjoy your peanut.

Every peanut. is. tasty.

Is it healthy?


Listen, it may seem groundbreaking but the word nutritious literally begins with “nut.” The origins of this may just date back to the first species discovering peanuts and becoming super healthy by eating it constantly.

Take a look at this, this or this article talking about the health benefits of peanuts. Not convinced? Okay.

Decorate your tongue.

Sweet honey! Honey covered peanuts? We do recommend giving it a shot, but gently.

Turkish roasted peanuts are amazing. They are Turkish because, and if they’re roasted in Turkey.

These spicy Wassawassawassabi peanuts are quite spicy.

EMINEM PEANTS are spectacular. Try them or you’ll miss out.

That's about it.
Hope you enjoyed your peanutventure.